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Complex PTSD and Trauma

PTSD can occur after a traumatic event. Complex PTSD can occur after multiple complicated trauma such as repeated childhood sexual, physical, emotional or verbal abuse. Both are debilitating with a multitude of symptoms ranging from sleep disturbances and nightmares, high level anxiety, social isolation, trust issues, intense invasive flashbacks or times of dissociation/numbness as your brain can’t deal with the pain of facing everything.

Therapy can help you identify what is going on for you, educate you to be better armed to protect yourself by understanding your internal and external triggers and flashback management. We would work together to carefully dissect the past, whilst keeping you safe, provide coping mechanisms and techniques to self-care, removing the guilt and shame that survivors often carry, address suicidal issues and help you build a trust that may have never been there before.

If you have been brutally broken and you still find it in your heart to be kind then you deserve all of the love in the ocean

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