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Relationship Therapy

The key on couples therapy is having two people who do want to repair. If one is in and the other is out, its a posintless waste of your time and money.

Couples therapy can be a powerful way for two people to explore and heal their relationship if that is what you both want. Exploring issues that are troubling the relationship, as well as how events in the past and individual backgrounds your ways of relating together as couple.

Therapy can open communication channels, so that both feel heard and remove unspoken words that cause a block in relating. We would work together to provide practical tools to help you understand each other better. The aim would be to move forward and create a reciprocal, equal relationship of strength for the future whereby respect and love can be restored.

“No two people can have an intense, intimate relationship without discovering significant differences between them. This is normal. It’s how we deal with those differences that creates problems. Most of us see these differences as a threat to our ideal of a good relationship: continual harmony between two people who want the same things at the same time. When differences emerge, most of us try to make our partners more like us.
Ronald Richardson, 1995.”

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